NRIs Indian Taxes

NRI Indian Taxes

┬╗Plan now and pay lower taxes later.

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The Indian economy is skyrocketing at a rate never before experienced. Many US citizens and green card holders have bolstered this growth and purchased real estate, stocks, bonds and many other types of property. While it is great to simply reap the benefits of this economy, the resulting tax preparation required can be sometimes overwhelming.

KKA has been helping individuals in the US with their Indian taxes for the last 30 years. We have the unique experience with both US and India tax laws along with a good understanding of the US/India Tax treaty

Types of Income Taxable in India
  • Rental Income
  • Investment Income
  • Filing Indian Income Tax Return
  • Filing Indian Wealth Tax return
  • Obtaining PAN
  • FEMA / RBI Related Services including Reparation of Income
  • Tax planning to reduce current and future tax liabilities
We provide quality service at a better price to:
  • US residents having Income in India.
  • First year Migrants
  • A foreign people having properties in India to file their Wealth tax return
  • Indian Residents living abroad and having income (Rental, Investment, etc) in India.