US Expats & Immigrants

US and India tax laws are complicated enough by itself. When you add complexities for tax treaty and tax treatments for Expats and Inpats, the situation becomes even more complicated. Don’t worry. We are here to help you. We will serve you as your tax guide …..

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US Visa Holders

KKA’s partners are in tax business in USA and India for many years. This year they strive to better serve the visa holder, as we understand the tax situation of visa holders which has helped us to serve better over the period of time. We already have a separate visa tax division in place…..

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NRIs Indian Taxes

The Indian economy is skyrocketing at a rate never before experienced. Many US citizens and green card holders have bolstered this growth and purchased real estate, stocks, bonds and many other types of property. While it is great to simply reap the benefits of this economy…..

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project4Business Owners

KKA provides a variety of services to assist business owners in staying focused, organizing all the aspects of their work, and increasing their business in India and USA. We perform professional bookkeeping, payroll and tax services. Our services help Businesses manage their business…..

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